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Monday, 14 May 2018

digital marketing Training

Digital Marketing training

“Digital marketing” is the process of affecting the visibility of a website  in a search engine. In general, the earlier (or higher ranked on the search results page), and more frequently a site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine’s users.short term courses provide various computer courses along with seo. SEO work in image search, local search, video search and many more.We give training to those who desire to prepare their career in the field of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and prepare them the masters of this digital technology.
Digital marketing is the process of  giving products or services using digital technologies, by this we reach more quality traffic which help in ranking our site including mobile phones, display advertising, and any other digital medium.for this we do submission on various sites for promoting our sites this help in reaching site to public.By this you can understand principles of digital marketing, and be able to distinguish between traditional and digital techniques we learn how we promote our site using  new technologies. Learn effective digital marketing campaigns. foundational aspects of digital marketing covers areas including:Search, digital display, email marketing, social media and mobile marketing, as well as analytics.short term courses in chandigarh provide training in seo help you in learning  how we promote our website to make it reachable to target audience.Digital Marketing Overview What does digital marketing consist of? Key components  Website design (user experience).
  •  Search engine optimization (SEO)
  •  Pay per click (PPC) 
  •  Social media marketing (SMM)
  •  Email marketing  Display advertising (banner ads)
  •  Content marketing  

Why Your Website or Blog Needs Search Engine Optimization

If you’re like most website owners, at one time or another, you’ve asked if your website really needs SEO requires  to improve traffic to your site .And to make site to reach to target audience.The majority of web traffic is driven by the major search engines like Google or Bing. social media and other types of traffic can route users to your website,that means more user visit your site and you get quality traffic to your site  the bulk of website traffic is driven by search engines. Search engines are powerful because they provide targeted traffic. Or in other words, search engines bring users that are seeking what you offer or sell. Targeted website traffic means product reached by target people this  provides revenue and exposure like no other channel of marketing. Seo help in getting return on investment.Investing in SEO can have a much higher rate of return when compared to other types of marketing efforts.You need solid SEO to compete online and to obtain traffic.

Thursday, 26 April 2018

Learn latest modules

Learn latest short term modules
Rapid increase in  technology transformed  the way we 
learning . Short term courses  provide latest modules  for
 training different technologies for learning and development 
programs e provide training in latest modules for computer 
courses.you can increase your skills by joining us.
short term courses in Chandigarh provide latest modules
 for training.

Web Designing Course
Web Design is the process of represent an idea , guided by 
certain principles for a specific purpose.In  web design 
content display electronic web pages, which the end-users
 can access through theInternet with the help of a web 
browser and more user contact to your business.

Digital Marketing
When it comes to Digital Marketing course, there are two
 popular formats available in India- online and off-line. 
short term courses provide Online course modules to learn 
from home . Off-linecourse means the traditional classroom 

Animation and Multimedia
Animation and Multimedia  is a part of the Graphics design 
field. Animation and Multimedia include topics such as- VFX 
and VFX Pro, Basics of Animation, Film Design and Animation
, Game Design and Animation, Multimedia design etc.

App development & design course
This is the age of mobile Internet and smart phones. Over the 
past few years, the use of smartphone in India has increased
 at an impressive rate. Apps are important  Now-a day’s 
android has made its own zone in the market as we know 
android phone has various distinct android provide different 
too to begin developing applications on the Android platform
 using the Java programming language features, so it is
 important to learn different methods of application
 programming regarding this.

Basic Accounting Course

It is an art of  recording data in terms of money . Tally is best 
software for accounts management it is easy to use and
 manage. short term courses provide training in Tally’s 
software is mainly used for vouchers, financial statements,
 and taxation in many industries, and has specialized 
packages for retail businesses.
Graphic Designing Course
Graphic designing is the art of stylizing data to represent 
data in effective way,
  through the use of type, space, and image.Graphic designing involve designing 
Visiting Cards, Brochures, Pamphlets, Flex, Banners, Book Design, Billboards,
 Product Packaging, Poster, Greeting Cards and many more.

Monday, 16 April 2018

short term courses in chandigarh

Thursday, 29 March 2018

short term courses in chandigarh

Short term courses in Chandigarh
There are basic and advanced computer courses that may
offer you employment.short term courses are for everyone
used further as job seekers.short term courses provide
Basic courses important not only forobtaining employment
however additionally literate or digitally
active.This introductory course provides students with
the opportunity topractice using computer operating
systems. They use graphic design applications,spreadsheets
and the Internet.The course often includes information about
the social, political and economic effects of Internet and
technology on society. Students examine modern examples
of how technology is used for research and communication.
This course  can be taken as a beginning part of many
programs to ensure students can use computers.this is
another practical, introductory computer applications
class that guide individuals to use a wide range of computer
application programs .Students practice using command
keys and formatting material for ease of reading and learn to
use Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint to create
presentations, spreadsheets and text documents. this course
make you expert in basic computer fundamentals and provide
knowledge about system. people use computers every day
but few understand how computers do what they do. If you
not plan to be a professional programmer, you get benefit
from understanding the very basics of digital machines and
from learning to write basic programs in a managed but
powerful environment.

By understanding how a computer works and you can  think

logically and you’ll write better programs and be able to solve
technical problems more easily.This Professional Certificate
will start you at the beginning teaching you about the
fundamental binary language of modern computers. You’ll
learn about the Turing Machine—a model for the digital
computer. You’ll also learn the basics of analytic logic and
by applying basic principles of logic can help you both work
with and work on technical solutions. In short term courses
you get friendly environment of learning and provide
solution to queries.

Common Courses
The goal of a basic computer  course is to guide students
with basic computer skills. The descriptions below highlight
the some common online basic computer courses by which
you  can get solution to their problems and increase your
basic in the area of computer.

Introduction to Computers

Students who have very little experience with computers can
learn the basics in this class. The goal of this course is to
introduce  how important computers are in modern society
and they help in solving problems. Fundamental operations
and functions of the computer will be covered.short term
courses provide   introduction how use software applications,
Internet and basic computer functions and the proper
identification of computer hardware components.


Typing is a basic  key component of computing. This course
provide students to learn the basics of touch-typing by
using a computer program, such as fastT-type for Windows.

Microsoft Office

Knowledge of Microsoft Office is important when searching
for a new job. Many employers expect job seekers to have
a basic understanding of Microsoft Word, Excel and Power
Point with accurate knowledge .This class typically covers the
basics of how to set up a document, use a spreadsheet and
create a presentation and how to work with ms -office
and work with sheets .

Internet Navigation

navigate the Internet.Some of the topics include cloud
computing, advanced search techniques, travel planning,
social networking, blogging, bookmarking and how to defend
against various types of malware, such as viruses and worms.

Course Delivery Information

Typically, a university and colleges  uses a combination of
technologies and a learning management system, such as
Blackboard, to deliver course content. The goal is to provide
a real-time learning environment that facilitates discussions
between students and the professor. The learning
management system allows students to receive quick
feedback on papers, discussion topics, exams and
class projects and to view demonstrations and presentations
on various aspects of basic computing.Completing one
of our ‘Introduction to Computers courses will help you to
gain a better understanding of how computers work.
Depending on which course you study, you may learn how
to use and navigate the Windows operating system .
short term courses provide you  better way of learning .
you get introduction how to use a search engine, and how
to protect your computer against viruses . You will also be
exposed to other useful and relevant information
and make your system protected against any virus.
Here are some of the reasons why students choose
to complete an ‘Introduction to Computers’ course:
  • To become computer literate
  • To gain a better understanding of computers
  • To prove computer proficiency to a prospective employer
  • To become more employable
  • To gain a much-needed skill set
  • To enhance their CVs
  • To increase their chances of being promoted
  • To find out whether they enjoy working with computer
  • To better understand the world of technology
  • To learn how to use Windows effectivel

Friday, 16 February 2018

online training module

 Online short term courses

Online short term courses in  ethical hacking .“Hacking”
carries a lot of negativity around it, but not all hacking is
used for evil. Learning about it arms you with the necessary
knowledge to deal with it, so ethical hacking lets you be the
good guy. If you want to know about ethical hacking, check
out  the world of penetration testing.Provide online modules
for training that help in providing basic introduction to freshers .
Penetration is basically a form of security research.  Pen
tester is to identify weaknesses in a network’s security.
The first thing you will learn is some basic information about
ethical hacking and the different fields in penetration testing.
course focus on basic introduction to ethical hacking and
penetration testing their are different modules in penetration
testing . Ethical hacking involves the testing of IT resources
to ensure their security.  In-depth introduction to concepts
from defence strategy to incident management in this
comprehensive course.(Certified Ethical Hacker) training and
certification course provides hands-on classroom training to
scan, test, hack and secure systems and applications.ethical
hacking courses are completed in 45 days . we provide some
additional courses with ethical hacking like web designing
and networking so you can apply penetration testing on
websites and make project with that modules. By applying
penetration testing on your site you can check security of
your sites and make sites more secure .

Following are some of the learning benefits-
  •  prepares user  to handle information security with more clarity
  • Helps in understanding  of Trojans, Backdoors and Countermeasures
  • Better understanding of  Firewalls and Wireless Hacking
  • Understand    hacking Mobile devices & smart phones.
  • Learn  concepts like  packet analysis, Hacking SQL & Oracle database
  • Coverage of latest development in mobile and web technologies.
  • The courses included specialization in design for beginners in computing that want to understand the basics of data is sent and received over a network and how smallnetworks are created. 
  •  Non-networking profession user want to known how their home and business networks actually work will learn this .
  • These courses provide a variety of concepts, practice activities that help build the learner’s skills andunderstanding of computer networking. 
  • You get known how to set up a basic network and understand how communication takes place over a network and how a network operatesis the first step to understanding routing, switching, and wireless. 
  • The network worksby connecting computers switches, routers, and access points.


Switches are used to connect multiple devices on the same network within a building or campus.
The networking basics, would serve as a controller, allowing the various devices to share
 information and talk to each other. An unmanaged switch works out of the box and does
 not allow you to make changes. Home networking equipment typically includes unmanaged switches. A managed switch can be accessed and programmed you can control over network
traffic and network access. There are two basic types of switches to choose from as part of your networking basics: managed and unmanaged.


Routers, the another component of your networking basics, are used to connect multiple
 networks router act as a dispatcher, choosing the best route inform you to travel through
 best path that you receive data quickly. Routers analyze the data being sent over a network,
 change it in form of packed and send to another network connect your business to the other businesses , protect data from theft , and decide which system get priority over others.
Depending on your business and your networking plans, you can choose from routers
that include different capabilities. These can include networking basics such as:
  • Firewall: 
  • Virtual private network (VPN): 
  • phone network:

Access Points

An access point permit wireless devices to attach to the network. wireless network makes it easy to bring new devices online and provides flexiblility support to mobile workers. Access points provide different IEEE standards . Each standard has
 an importance that was changed over time, and the standards operate on varying frequencies, give different bandwidth, and support different no of channels.There are four different deployments standards that can selected by any company to create
 a wireless network. Each has its own feature that work differently . They are:
  • Cisco Mobility : A simple and high-performance wireless solution for small or medium-sized organizations.
  • Centralized deployment: The mostly used wireless network used in campuses where buildings and networks are in close proximity. 
  • Converged deployment: This deployment converges wired and wireless on one network device an access switch performs dual role of switch and wireless controller. 
  • Cloud-based deployment: A system that uses the cloud to manage network devices used on premises at different locations.

Best Offer Computer Courses

Short term courses with best offers

Short term Courses provide you latest courses at affordable prices .
students will get the facility of our to get solution to their queries.
In  advanced course, students build on the basic through
intermediate classe. Practical classes will be provided and work
on live.They learn and apply  computer programming publish and
maintain a Website. The students taking this class learn how to
make  linking  to and from other Web pages. And add videos and
images, editing them to fit onthe screen. Some programs include
training for Adobe. Designing allows users to fine-tune graphics,
layout and images using a complex but powerful desktop publishing
application .The web design process starts with a visual concept
which provide you knowledge you could how to implement that
tools you can sketch by hand or with for writing web pages.
HTML act as a basic structure  of your page, while CSS handle
 the style your sites.If you are  a good web designer, you’ll also
pay attention to concepts like responsive design usability and
accessibility when building your are  popular technique for making
websites look good and function well on additional devices,
like phones and tablets. We can apply different CSS rules for
different browser widths. Practice, get inspiration from existing
websites, practice, have people critique your designs and practice.
But remember, web design isn’t just about the visual look of a site.
Could you teach yourself accessibility? It would be a challenge,
that’s for sure.Learning web design on your own is great, but you
should also support yourself with a web design book or online web
design training.
Web design is easy to learn and you can develop your own websites
by learning web designing  .Short term courses with additional facility Provide basic  computer courses with some additional courses  php,web designing Web designing
is a great opportunity for those who want to work independently. Web designing courses deals with various elements of making and maintaining a site. It consists of learning coding languages like HTML, PHP, JavaScript etc.A qualification in Information
Technology from DBS gives you the opportunity to take advantage of the continued high demand for skilled computing professionals. Demand comes from all areas, from businesses to organisations and the public sector, offering you an exciting choice of disciplines,
experiences and careers.There are many private institutes that offers such course. One of the notable institute is short term courses in chandigarh. The fees varies from institute to institute.Most of these courses lasts 1 year (professional web designing).
There are short courses available too. Good  to do  professional web designing .After completing the course, you may work independently or join a company. you get successful  jobs on  on your skills.Mobile application and development , java and provide additional  personality development courses help in placements.
Join us on a gentle journey through the mobile application development  using Android as the platform. Along the way we will learn how to use   Android Studio.  Integrated development environment (IDE) for Android apps. The course will introduce you to the basics of the Android platform, Android application components, Activities and their lifecycle, UI design, Multimedia, 2D graphics and networking support in Android.
This course covers the following topics:Android platform and
the Android Studio IDE
  • Android components, Activities and their lifecycle, Intents
  • UI Design: Widgets and Layouts, UI Events, Event Listeners
  • 2D graphics: Canvas/Drawing using a view
  • Multimedia: Audio playback and MediaPlayer
  • Network support: AsyncTask, HttpURLConnection